It's official—our members love to read!

Keep reading to see which book genres our American Consumer Opinion® panelists enjoy the most.

In honor of Book Lover's Day, which was on August 9, our panel members were invited via our Quick Poll feature to answer the question, "Which of the following book genres do you prefer?"

Where do I find Quick Polls?

More than 600 people participated in the poll, which was held from August 7 to 15. Respondents were prompted to choose from 17 different categories, including art, biography, classic literature, contemporary, crime, fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, history, horror, humor, mystery, nonfiction, romance, science fiction, young adult, or other. 

Mystery books took the top spot, with 11% (64) of the votes.

Find your next mystery read

Fantasy and romance came in second and third in the poll, with 60 and 59 votes, respectively. 

Fantastic fantasy reads

Bringing up the rear, the three least favorite categories were historical fiction (22 votes), art (16 votes), and contemporary (10 votes).

Check out the rest of the results in the graphic shown below. Was your favorite category listed?

Book Genre Popularity

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Happy reading!