Behind-the-Scenes Survey-Taking

If you’ve ever wondered about the mysteries of survey-taking, you’re in the right place! We’ll pull back the curtain a little bit and share some tips to help make your survey-taking journey more rewarding.


We like you just the way you are! No matter your ethnicity, age, or gender, we want you on our panel. We don’t kick people out for belonging to a certain demographic.


It’s okay to be sensitive! Sometimes we ask personal questions—especially when it comes to medical research. We’re not here to embarrass you. We just want to make sure our medical community is getting all the information they need to develop new treatments.

You don’t ever have to complete a survey that you are not comfortable taking. If you don’t like the questions that are being asked, feel free to close out of the survey.


Update your registration information! Did you just welcome a brand new baby into your family? Did you just move from an apartment to a single-family home? These pieces of information are crucial to your being invited to take surveys that suit your life situation. Check in on your “My Account” page every few months or so, or when you have a life change, to make sure that your registration information is up to date.


Whitelist us! In your email settings, be sure to mark messages that come from Anne Parks ( as safe to receive.

Need Help? Constant Contact, a company that is all about email, provides a list of 19 email clients with instructions on how to whitelist for each one. Click here to learn how.

Save us a spot! Be sure to leave your inbox with space available to receive incoming email. If your space is all filled up, your invitation emails will “bounce” back to us, and you’ll miss out on survey opportunities.


Be honest and frank! Our clients really do want to know what you think! If the new green bean ad that is being presented to you makes you fear ever visiting the frozen-food aisle again, we want to hear it. 


Pay Attention! Now that I have yours, you’ll want to translate your patience and attention to survey-taking. We get sneaky sometimes, and we do weird things like ask you the same question twice in a survey to make sure you give the same answer. Or we may check how fast you are taking the survey and will disqualify you if answer faster than what is realistic.  All these "traps" are there to make sure that all our members are engaged and actively participating.  After all, we are paying you cash to answer surveys honestly and to spend the proper amount of time taking the survey. 


Read the Terms and Conditions! You can save yourself some disappointment and the annoyance of being locked out of your account by reading through the Terms and Conditions. I know it’s boring, but it’s there so that you’ll know what to expect when working with us.

Example: Did you know that only one member of your household can be signed up for American Consumer Opinion®? It has to do with demographic information and how it is presented to the client.

We go to great lengths to protect your privacy. I won’t reveal all of the methods we use, but I will say that we won’t sell your information to anyone for any reason. See more on our Privacy Policy here.

That’s all folks! If you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes peek or would like to know more about a certain aspect of survey-taking to be included in a future blog post, email me at with the word “Blog” in the subject line.

In the meantime, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.