Featured Sweepstakes: Amazon Echo (Alexa)

So, you've probably heard of the Amazon Echo, aka Alexa, and you may have seen it as a prize in our sweepstakes options, but what exactly is it? Frankly, it kind of looks like a supersized can of air freshener. But, Alexa has much more to offer than you may have considered.

Read on to discover the super cool features Amazon Echo offers and why you should enter our sweepstakes to win it.

New Feature: Quick Polls

How do you get from point A to point B? What's your favorite pizza topping? Who will win the Super Bowl? From silly to serious, quick polls can provide a cursory overview of the general consensus on a simple given topic. We're not doing brain surgery here, but quick polls can be fun and informative. Read on to learn more about quick polls.

New Technology Available for Surveys

Recently, we had the opportunity to run a project that mixed observing shoppers in a grocery store setting with the shopper then taking a survey afterward. Part of this project entailed recording what the shoppers chose to place in their shopping cart before they moved on to the questionnaire portion. In addition, certain questions would ...